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Safeguarding Policy

1.    Make More recognises the importance of safeguarding and protecting the safety and well-being of our clients, particularly vulnerable individuals in the community. This policy outlines our commitment to maintaining the highest level of safeguarding for all staff and internal team members, ensuring the protection of client privacy and safety. The policy applies to all individuals associated with Make More, including employees, volunteers, and contractors.

2. Responsibilities
2.1 Make More Management:
a. Ensure that safeguarding policies and procedures are in place and regularly reviewed.
b. Provide necessary resources and training to support staff in their safeguarding roles.
c. Appoint a designated safeguarding lead to oversee and manage safeguarding matters.

2.2. Staff and Internal Team Members:
a. Familiarise themselves with and adhere to the safeguarding policy.
b. Attend and actively participate in relevant safeguarding training sessions.
c. Report any safeguarding concerns promptly to the designated safeguarding lead.
d. Treat client information with confidentiality and respect the privacy of individuals.

3. Recruitment and Background Checks
3.1. All staff, volunteers, and contractors will undergo thorough background checks as part of the recruitment process.
3.2. Background checks may include criminal record checks, reference checks, and any other relevant verification processes.
3.3. Make More will only employ or engage individuals who pass the background checks and demonstrate suitability for their roles.


4. Training and Awareness
4.1. All staff and internal team members will receive comprehensive training on safeguarding policies, procedures, and best practices.
4.2. Training sessions will be conducted regularly to ensure knowledge is up to date and consistent across the organisation.
4.3. Training will cover identifying signs of abuse, appropriate reporting mechanisms, and the importance of confidentiality.

5. Confidentiality and Data Protection
5.1. Make More has strict data protection policies in place to ensure the secure and confidential handling of client information.
5.2. All staff and internal team members must adhere to these policies and treat client information with the utmost confidentiality.
5.3. Access to client data will be limited to authorised personnel only, and information will be stored securely.

6. Working with Partner Organisations
6.1. Make More will collaborate with partner organisations, local charities, and community groups to provide comprehensive support to clients.
6.2. Partner organisations will be selected based on their commitment to safeguarding and their alignment with Make More's safeguarding policies.
6.3. Information sharing with partner organisations will be done securely and in accordance with data protection regulations.

7. Ongoing Review and Improvement
7.1. Make More recognizes that safeguarding is an ongoing process and is committed to regularly reviewing and updating its policies.
7.2. Feedback from staff, clients, and external stakeholders will be sought and considered to improve safeguarding practices.
7.3. Any identified areas for improvement or emerging best practices will be incorporated into the policy and communicated to staff.

8. Reporting Safeguarding Concerns
8.1. All staff and internal team members have a responsibility to report safeguarding concerns promptly to the designated safeguarding lead.
8.2. Reporting can be done through designated reporting channels, which will be clearly communicated and easily accessible to all staff.
8.3. All reports will be treated confidentially and investigated promptly and thoroughly, following established procedures and legal requirements.

9. Implementation and Compliance
9.1. This safeguarding policy is mandatory for all staff and internal team members, and compliance is a condition of employment or engagement.
9.2. Non-compliance with the policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or engagement.
9.3. Make More will regularly assess compliance with the policy and provide support and guidance to ensure understanding and adherence.

10. Conclusion
Make More is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all clients and individuals associated with our organisation. Through the implementation of this safeguarding policy, we aim to protect the privacy, safety, and well-being of our clients while providing effective support services. By working together and adhering to these policies and procedures, we can ensure the highest level of safeguarding within Make More.


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