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We're Here To Help You Fundraise

Through fundraising, you can help to provide much needed support for people. Organise your own event or participate in events through Make all helps with improving opportunities for our communities.

Plan your own fundraiser and help us to support the most vulnerable and underrepresented people across our communities. From Tombola's through to Craft Fairs, we're here to help support your event. 

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Make A Real Difference

Make More are here to support you with fundraising ideas that you may have. Whether you join us at one of our organised gatherings or take the initiative to create your own event, whether it's arranging a coffee morning at your workplace or orchestrating a themed day at your local community centre, fundraising for Make More is an enjoyable way to express your solidarity with our cause!

We'll provide you with promotional material and resources to help make your fundraising activity a success. We'd love to hear more about your idea so why not reach out to us and talk to us today. 

How Funding Supports Our Community

Funding Make More empowers vulnerable individuals by fostering digital and tech inclusion, nurturing mental and physical wellbeing, and opening avenues for children from low-socioeconomic backgrounds to explore STEM. By supporting Make More, donors directly contribute to breaking barriers and creating opportunities for marginalised communities. Through digital and tech initiatives, individuals gain essential skills for the modern world, enhancing employability and independence.


Mental and physical wellbeing programmes offer crucial support networks, fostering resilience and stability. Additionally, STEM experiences ignite curiosity and ambition in underprivileged youth, shaping future innovators and bridging societal gaps. Investing in Make More isn't just about charity; it's about catalysing positive change and unlocking potential for a brighter, more inclusive future.


Through the generosity of donations, we can continue to provide services to those who need it most. Donations go to increasing opportunities for the people within our communities that require it. 

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